5 Important Things To Do When You Move Into A New Home

canstockphoto4810008Getting ready to move to a new home? Here are 5 things to start doing now to make this transition to your new home a little easier.

  1. Pack smarter. As you begin to pack, organize your boxes in a way that not all your heavy items end up in one box. Take the time now to properly label your boxes so you can find things easily after the move. In addition to packing smarter, use this time to go through your stuff and throw out or give away the items you no longer want. There is no reason to bring things into your new home you don’t like, so take a moment now to declutter your space.
  1. Switch utilities. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s smart to set up a service switch once you have a closing date. Call the utility companies and let them know about the move. If you’re home has recently been built, arranging a maintenance call would be a smart move to reestablish service in case something unexpected comes up.
  1. Haul the basics. If possible, take basic supplies and other items over to your new place to help combat some of the chaos associated with the move. Set up the bathroom and have your pajamas accessible to help you feel a little more comfortable while you start to unpack.
  1. Goodbye blues. Moving is not easy, physically or emotionally. Help ease the sentimental pain of moving by thinking about all the fun things you’ll want to do in your new home. Use Pinterest and create boards for ideas on what you can do in your new space. Pull in the kids and have them help you decide what to do with their bedrooms. The more you can start making your new house a home.
  1. Meet your neighbors. Once you’ve moved in and had a chance to let things settle, introduce yourself to your neighbors. Make it fun by inviting people over for a laid back BBQ or drinks. This doesn’t have to be complicated, or overly planned, but building friendships with your neighbors is a great way to settle into your new neighborhood.

Have something to add to the article? Tell us about your last move and what you did to make things go smoothly.