A Comprehensive 3-Week Guide to Back-to-School

Can you hear the bells ringing? Another school year is almost upon us. Transitioning from a long summer break to back-to-school can be challenging. Plan to start three weeks before the first day of class. Avoid last-minute chaos by tackling one task at a time. This complete guide and a few supplies are all you need for getting back into the school routine. education-908512_640 (1)

3-weeks out:

  • Acquire school supply lists and start looking for the best deals. Check your local ads. Shop around online. Familiarize yourself with exactly what you need and how much it will all cost.
  • The same goes for school clothes. But first, check your children’s closets to see what you they have outgrown to get a better sense of what they will need for the upcoming year.
  • Check out the school’s website. The school district will post all necessary information like orientation dates to help parents and students get back in the swing of things.
  • Establish, review and revise your family’s emergency plan. Making sure your contacts are up to date. Double check to see if they are still willing to help in an emergency and even non-emergency situations like picking your children up from the bus stop if you’re running late.

2-weeks out:

  • Start practicing anything new with your children such as using a combination lock. Have your children write down their combination to start memorizing it for the upcoming year.
  • Take advantage of those deals you found and buy all of the school supplies and clothes your children will need. Don’t forget the shoes and gym clothes.
  • Make transportation arrangements for drop-off and pick-up including setting up after-school care if needed.
  • Plan and start practicing normal routines including enforcing bed times. The sooner you begin establishing a regular, study-friendly sleep schedule the better!

One week before school starts:

  • Plan and shop for next week’s lunches and snacks. You will be extra prepared, beat the rush and the store will have everything you need!
  • Wash all of the new clothes. Help and encourage your children in organizing a first-week wardrobe.
  • Ready all of the new supplies. Make sure everything has a place. The notebooks are in the back pack and the back pack is in its designated cubby.

Night Before:

  • Lay out the first day of school outfit, shoes and backpacks to ensure that first morning back goes as smoothly as you have been planning and working for the last two weeks.
  • Plan and prepare breakfast. The more you can get done in advance the easier the morning will be. Here are 16 yummy overnight crockpot breakfast recipes!
  • You will definitely want to charge your phone or camera for taking first-day pictures.
  • Perhaps the most important task is making sure everyone gets plenty of sleep!

Additional Considerations:

  • Gather contact information for all schools including administrators and your children’s teachers.
  • Fill out emergency contact sheets and other required forms including vaccination records.
  • If applicable, review the school dress code.
  • Mark all holidays, closures and school events on your calendar to get a jump start on being involved in the upcoming year.


All of Utah’s school supply lists can be found at this website!