Halloween Party Ideas

halloween-1751903_640It’s that time of year again and Halloween is just around the corner. You can spend hours hunting on Pinterest for the perfect party food, games and décor. Or you can just use the recipes, games and DIY décor ideas found here.


  • Yetti cupcakes are perfect for a monster themed party. In order to make these cute little cupcakes you will need googly eyes, vampire fangs, cupcake mix, frosting and coconut. You can find the full recipe and instructions here.
  • Mummy dogs put a twist on a childhood favorite: Pigs ‘N a Blanket. You simply cut crescent roll sough into thin strips and wrap the hot dogs like mummies. You can even leave a space for ketchup or mustard eyes and a mummy turban. Cut the hot dogs in half for a bite-sized Halloween treat.
  • Witches Wands are the perfect treat to snack on. They also give your party a little pizzazz. Start by dipping pretzel rods in melted chocolate. Then sprinkle on Halloween themed or colored sprinkles. Once dry, you can stick them in vase in some candy corn to prop them up.


  • Pass the pumpkin is the perfect game for little ones. You need several smaller sized pumpkins. Start by arranging the youngsters in a circle. Give out the pumpkins to all but one child. They pass the pumpkins around while listening to Halloween music. When the music stops, the child without a pumpkin is out. But they get to take a pumpkin with them. Which can then be carved or decorated for added fun. The last child left gets a prize.
  • The Mummy Wrap game combines great with the mummy dog snacks and monster theme. You will need rolls of toilet paper. Start by dividing your guests up into pairs. Give each pair a roll or two of toilet paper. One team member will wrap the other one up with the toilet paper. Then the wrapped one will wrap their partner. The first team to be fully wrapped or run out of toilet paper wins!
  • Pin the Tail on the Black Cat takes a Halloween twist on pin the tail on the donkey. Hang up a large picture of a balck cat. Give each guest a tail with a piece of sticky tape on it. One by one, the blindfolded guests take turns trying to get their tails closest to where they belong. The guest who gets the closest wins.


  • Paper Skeletons provide the perfect Halloween feel without breaking the bank. You can make them as small or as large as you want. You will need paper, scissors and something to stick the parts together such as glue, tape or pins. You can find detailed instructions here.
  • Toilet paper roll bats turn those leftover rolls into spooky party favors and decorations. You will need toilet paper rolls, black paint, black construction paper, scissors, googly eyes and glue. Start by painting the rolls black and folding the ends in to look like a bat. Then cut out and glue on wings made from the construction paper. Finally, you are ready to glue on the eyes.  
  • Bloody Handprints spook even the bravest of guests. You will need red poster paint. Dip your hands in the paint and start leaving prints on the windows, mirrors and any other easily wiped surfaces in your house.